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Gonorrhea Might Soon Be Untreatable









OK people, we have a really important thing to say about this. OK. Ready?

If you get antibiotics to treat an STD YOU REALLY GOTTA TAKE ALL OF THEM AS DIRECTED. Even if you feel a bit better, or a sore heals up, or whatever. Seriously. When you do not take all of your meds you may not actually clear up your infection. And what happens then? THIS:

Health officials have been warning us about the threat of “super gonorrhea“—a strain of the sexually transmitted disease that is resistant to all known antibiotics—for over a year. But the superbug is here, much faster than previously anticipated. On Wednesday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced a cluster of gonorrhea infections that shows both decreased susceptibility to ceftriaxone and very high-level resistance to azithromycin. It’s the first time this superbug has been found in the U.S.

Reblogging this because ~this is important~

I’ve never been so happy to not have sex.

Reblogging because I tell my patients this all the time and we talk about this at work all the time ☝🏼️☝🏼☝🏼

It’s already happening

Reblogging cause sexual health is important

More information on this after having read the CDC report:

  1. The cluster of antibiotic resistant gonorrhea cases was a small group in Hawai’i, and they have all since been treated and have a clean bill of health. 
  2. the resistant variety is still treatable by conventional means, it just requires doctor and patient to both pay closer attention and adjust dosages and times more carefully
  3. the purpose of the CDC document was not to cause panic or scare you out of having sex, it was actually aimed at calling attention to the fact that the reason this is happening is because there is an unprecedented number of people that use their antibiotics wrong and only kill the weakest of the bacteria that are infecting them, leaving the strongest and most resistant to treatment specimens alive to reproduce
  4. not having symptoms anymore doesn’t mean the bacteria are completely gone, it just means there aren’t enough to make you symptomatic. KEEP TAKING YOUR ANTIBIOTICS AFTER THIS POINT UNTIL YOU ARE PRESCRIBED TO STOP TAKING THEM. assuming you’re cured early and stopping your medication is literally why this is happening. don’t assume you know better than your doctor.
  5. new treatments have already gone to clinical trials that have proven effective against all known strains of gonorrhea, including the antibiotic resistant ones. 
  6. our job now is to protect ourselves and stop the spread of the disease, and not be idiots and take our medications according to the prescription, in order to contain the resistant bacteria as much as possible, because clinical trials can take years.

I’m not trying to tell you all not to worry, but panicking about “uncurable gonorrhea” like i’ve seen some of you doing is NOT what the CDC was trying to do with their report because it’s not even true, that’s the result of media outlets sensationalizing the story for headlines and buzz. the proper response is mindful health practices and thoughtfulness.

that is all.


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