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June 12 2017





When her booty cheeks eating up her shorts.


Lmao how come y'all like the most uncomfortable shit we go through?

Word 😭😭😭


Every horse movie


Sarah aynn: “no one understands me I hate you Mom for making us move out here in the middle of no where there’s not even cute boys” *runs away and finds mysterious farm*
Old man wilkinson: “this right here lil lady is a hourisey if yer can tame t it’s yoires if not it’s goin back to the horse factory”
Sarsjh: *walks up to horse and starts to pet its nose* “see girl? You and me aren’t so different after all”
Old man wonka: “why I don’t believe it she done tamed ol’ misery I reckon she ought to sign her up for the horuse show and save the farm”
*cut scene of Sarah sneaking out the house to ride her horse everyday until her mom finds out*
Mom: “young lady you are GROUNDED!!!! You are not allowed to compete in the horse show”
Staryah: “no Mom please” *runs away and almost gets hit by car but then the horse pushes the car out the way"
Mom: “fucjkfidnb maybe that’s a good horse after all”

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hey everybody, enjoy this heartwarming The Last of Us comic i made

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NASA plans to fill the sky with colorful, artificial clouds

  • Later in June, people in the U.S. mid-Atlantic region will likely be treated to a unique early-morning sight: colorful artificial clouds, thanks to NASA.
  • The blue-green and red clouds will be produced by the launch of a Terrier Improved Malemute sounding rocket carrying 10 canisters, which will be deployed approximately five minutes after the launch.
  • These canisters will release the colorful vapor trail, which allow NASA’s scientists to track how particles move in space and learn more about upper atmospheric winds.
  • Though vapor tracers have been used by scientists in the past, the multi-canister ampoule ejection system onboard this mission will allow scientists to cover a much larger area than previous tests, the NASA website notes. Read more (6/5/17)

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NASA will blast colorful clouds into the sky Monday night — here’s how to watch

  • Get ready for a show. NASA’s launching a rocket Monday night that will leave a trail of colorful, fake clouds looming over the East Coast.
  • The clouds, which will possibly take over skies from New York to California, will also be visible from a live broadcast from NASA starting at 8:30 p.m. Eastern.
  • Skies will be painted glowing blue-green and red colors by a sounding rocket, which will release 10 soda can-sized canisters into the air to form the clouds.
  • The rocket will launch from the Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia sometime between 9:04 and 9:19 p.m. Eastern, if all goes as planned, and the flight will last just eight minutes. Read more (6/12/17)

The chemtrail crowd is going to lose what’s left of their tiny little minds.

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Phillip doesn’t even have a face and he looks done.

I will never stop being proud of myself for this post.

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WonderWoman is super chill to her fans

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take it from another southerner: your monuments are shite

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June 11 2017

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Artist: usana(うさな)🎌 on IG

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There’s something about Studio Ghibli’s Water physics that I love

While it is a liquid, it tends to behave more gelatinously

It’s so beautiful while almost being awkward *bloop*

Gravity? Surface tension? No? Well, just let me hug her!!

Not even seeming to make skin or cloth wet

It looks so satisfyingly bouncy

Tell me what you guys think and what’s your fav movie thing about Ghibli

I remember hearing/seeing a post where Ghibli’s water always -looks- like how water -feels-.

Like when you’re crying it just feels like

And when it’s raining it’s like

Like Ghibli has that perfect look of water where yeah, it’s not exactly -realistic- but they capture the perfect feeling.

I love this and now I need to find a collection of gifs oh Ghibli hair. I love when it does the poof thing. None of this is realistic, but it is wonderfully emotive. Emotions usually feel more talk than physics anyways.

Ghibli movies tend to exude an almost dreamlike feeling or a feeling like nostalgia– like, the general mood of the films feel like summer in the country when the sun is shining and it’s quiet and there’s a breeze going, or the smell of fresh cookies from the oven or the way a freshly-laundered quilt feels when it’s wrapped around you by someone you love.

They just FEEL good.  Even the sad movies still give off that same feeling.  It’s almost tangible, but still feels like a fond memory.

It’s really hard to describe kfjhsfjk.

studio ghibli has a weird way of having both very little and alot of movement at the same time

I’m not alone. Dude every movie does this to me.

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Just for giggles … Trump … Promises…. Heh heh heh.

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This is too much adorableness <3<3<3

I’ll reblog this every time I see it, because there’s something about burly beardy bikers giving help and companionship to a small hurt kitten that makes the world a little bit better.



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he came for his entire life holy shit

Current President of the Electoral College of the United States 😂😂😂

Maximum shade.

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is it time for frank cho and milo manara to die or what

That’s basically a naked woman I’m YELLING

What a pervert. What the FUCK does he not know how clothes work? What the hypothetical fuck is she wearing then if we can see all that?

It’s like how bath towels in comics miraculously wrap completely around breasts. Or how even when injured and dead on the ground women in comics have to be twisted into “sexy” poses. Or how women in comics walk like they’re in high heels even barefoot. 


It’s the only way men know how to draw women, because to them female characters are only there to be sexy. They only think of “women” as exploitative costumes and camera angles, high heels and titillation. Sex objects to ogle, plot objects to further male heroes’ narratives and drama, not heroes to cheer for. 

I’m sorry, I was labouring under the impression that this was the crowd that thought women should wear what they want..?

And that applies to fictional women who are depicted by men how? You can’t apply agency in the plot to something metatextual when it comes to fictional characters. 

Come on, let’s not pretend this is a male exclusive thing.

We’re going to have this argument are we? Not to mention you’re deviating from the original point that attributing agency to fictional characters’ clothing is asinine. 

What you have here are images of power, and do you really believe these characters are designed with titillating heterosexual women and bisexual and homosexual men in mind? Because I don’t think you do.

This is why the Hawkeye Initiative exists. Take common female poses in comics, put a man in the role, and see how “empowering” and “strong” it actually looks: 




He got the painting for fighting against ‘censorship.’ Note that they handed him a gross design of a female being objectified, because at the end of the day, that is all they really want, to be allowed to objectify women. They don’t care about censorship in general it is about their ability to sexualise and degrade women without consequence.

You can see her butthole for chrissakes

I think the best imagery I’ve seen to explain the difference between what men think male objectification is vs what women actually want to see is the Hugh Jackman magazine covers.

Hugh Jackman on a men’s magazine. He’s shirtless and buff and angry. He’s imposing and aggressive. This is a male power fantasy, it’s what men want to be and aspire to - intense masculinity.

Hugh Jackman on a women’s magazine.  He looks like a dad. He looks like he’s going to bake me a quiche and sit and watch Game of Thrones with me. He looks like he gives really good hugs.

Men think women want big hulking naked men in loin cloths which is why they always quote He-Man as male objectification - without realizing that He Man is naked and buff in a loin cloth because MEN WANT HIM TO BE. More women would be happy to see him in a pink apron cutting vegetables and singing off-key to 70s rock.

Men want objects. Women want PEOPLE.

This is the first time I have EVER seen this false equivalence articulated so well. Thank you.

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Tag urself im clunge

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The Dora Milaje, Black Panther’s Female Wakandan Bodyguards

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